Training Programs in Biblical Counseling

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Faith Counseling Institute
This is the counselor training program begun at Faith Baptist Church, Taylors, SC in 2013 to equip fundamental churches to disciple the nations.

Each annual week-long training conference features 30+ hours of instruction in biblical counseling. The key instructors are Pastor Monroe and Jim Berg. Other trainers are brought in as needed. The preliminary course offerings include the following and are subject to change as the program develops:

Foundations of Biblical Counseling — 2013

Men’s and Women’s Issues in Counseling — 2014

Marriage Issues in Counseling — 2016

Master of Science in Biblical Counseling, Bob Jones University (available now entirely online)
This program delivers 30 credit hours (several hundred classroom hours) of graduate-level preparation for helping others solve problems biblically. Fifteen hours are seminary theology courses and fifteen hours are graduate-level counseling courses. The program also includesa supervised internship/capstone experience.

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Quieting a Noisy Soul DVD Personal Counseling Program
Quieting a Noisy Soul is a 24-week intensive personal counseling program helping the believer to overcome guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair. The program includes 24 thirty-minute video lectures, a 294 page syllabus/workbook entitled Taking Time to Quiet Your Noisy Soul, a scripture meditation CD and a relaxation CD for those having difficulty sleeping. Anyone who has been through this program thoughtfully and thoroughly will have been exposed to the crucial issues a biblical counselor needs to know to help others. For more information, check out