Course 4 - Helping others overcome Addictions


Rising drug and alcohol addiction use and resulting deaths continue to alarm communities across our country—including our own. Other addictive-like behaviors such as cutting, pornography, eating disorders, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors, and gambling continue to rise as well. Everyone’s life is touched by someone who is addicted or struggling with a life-dominating sin.

Learn in this 5-evening seminar how even secular practitioners and researchers are pointing to root causes which the Bible already addresses in very profound ways. Everyone in the church can help a fellow-believer overcome addiction. Learn to use a simple C.A.R.E. model that will enable you to help anyone going through a trial—especially those who have turned to drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors.

Invite friends and acquaintances from town (be sure you get them registered). God has the answers, but we must equip ourselves with them.


$64.99, Includes Power Points and conference notes.

10 hours of instruction


Jim Berg, Seminary professor at Bob Jones University; Executive Director of Faith Counseling Institute, and Director of Freedom That Lasts®  

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