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Course 1 - Foundations of Biblical Counseling

Course Description

The essence of biblical counseling is biblical disciple-making. Biblical counselors see every problem of living as an opportunity to help others grow in Christlikeness through the skillful application of the Word of God in the power of God’s Spirit.

The Foundations course provides 36 hours of instruction and gives an overview of the key components in the disciple-making. Special attention is given to the doctrine of sanctification as the God-ordained means of change and growth into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Target Audience

Anyone can profit from this course who makes his own growth in Christ a priority and wants to help others in their Christian walk. The course is appropriate for parents, students in high school or above, church and ministry staff members, missionaries, Sunday school teachers and Bible study group leaders.


John Monroe — pastor of Faith Baptist Church; seasoned biblical counselor

Jim Berg — Seminary professor at Bob Jones University, author, speaker, and director of Faith Counseling Institute


  • Calling the Church to Biblical Counseling
  • The Qualifications of the Biblical Counselor
  • The Big Picture of Discipleship
  • The Implications of the Fall
  • The Enemies of the Soul
  • The Process of Spiritual Disintegration
  • The Big Picture of Restoratione
  • The Goal of Biblical Change
  • The Means of Sanctification
  • The Process of Sanctification
  • Confession and Forgiveness
  • How Do Biblical Counselors View Psychiatric Disorders
  • The Use of the Word in Counseling
  • The Process of Counseling
  • Competing Philosophies for Helping People
  • Integrating Biblical Change into the Church’s Culture
  • Addressing Worry and Anxiety
  • Addressing Anger and Bitterness
  • Addressing Grief and Despair
  • Resources for Continued Preparation as a Biblical Counselor

Online Video Access

The individual price is $50 and the group special rate price is $150 for lifetime access.

The online version of the course is hosted on, but it is available only by invitation since it is in a private portion of the website. To register, follow the Udemy link above and create an Udemy account which is free. Then send an e-mail to requesting access to the course. Be sure to indicate the course number and if it is for an individual or group in your email.

Udemy will send you an invitation link to follow so you can register for the course. When prompted enter your personal information (name, address, etc.) and credit card information, and enjoy full access to the course.

For each lecture the Udemy course site allows you to download lecture notes and a PDF file of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation.

Special Online Rates

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Faith Counseling Institute is an intentional way of equipping the saints to do the work of discipleship in the local church.
— John Monroe